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    Online Sevice

    • Nantong YUEYE Textile Co., Ltd.
    • Tel: 0086-513-85261533 
    • Fax:0086-513-85261511
    • ADD:No,1111 Taiping Road(N),Guanyin Shan Street,Nantong Jiangsu.China
    • E_mail:gjx@jsyyfz.com

    About Us

            Nantong YueYe Textiles Co., LTD. is located in Guanyinshan town of Nantong city, which is the famous textile town with the name of "the first city in modern China". It is in China's most active economic core area of the Yangtze River Delta. To the east of Nantong is Yellow Sea and Su Tong Bridge is on the south of it Nantong Port is on the west and there is Xin chang Railway on the north...    

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