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Anxious in your career or business?  Want to know best practices, lessons learned and next steps to LEVEL UP your career, life or business pursuits?  Tired of being taking advantage of, being hustled, scammed or just want to be MORE CONFIDENT and VALUED in your career, life or business?  Then this TCE University training is for you...we are accepting students now and your FIRST MONTH is only $19 (annual subscription only),  afterwards $25 per month for TCE Members & $50 per month for non-members.   So act quickly and capture these great TCE training rates (before they rise).  

I despise the hustler and it really bothers me how good people get their dreams, passions or purpose assassinated by just one bad experience.  In fact it happened to me during the early days of our TCE business:  trusting the wrong people, impressed by the wrong things learning the HARD way that "all that glitters, is NOT gold!"  Real success is fueled by working smart and investing in sweat equity (there are NO shortcuts).  So this year, I've decided to put the HUSTLERS on notice and officially role out our "TCE University Don't Get Hustled Program" to our world.  

As you know, our specialty is working with the “transitional career changer and new, existing or emerging entrepreneur “ and helping them to convert their Monday mornings from average to awesome.  TCE University provides strategic career and business re-engineering training in a virtual group format to keep you informed and reduce the potential for getting...hustled.    I know first hand that there is nothing more powerful than a self-aware brand who is not anxious...but prepared!  With that being said, we want to put the career or business hustlers out there online or around the corner on notice , that your game is over.  Our students who invest, complete all modules and apply this TCE vetted training, I guarantee that you will level up your self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth and's those gifts that hustlers out there are afraid of!   

TCE Training Offers the following value for your monthly or annual investment...
  • Two trainings per month (24 trainings per year)
  • We offer LIVE STREAMED training taught by The Career Engineer
  • Private link access for our students
  • Replay availability for 30 days 
  • LIVE Q&A chat and/or call in session included with training
  • Affordable monthly and annual subscriptions
Below are the TCE University Training Titles that will be offered in this monthly service.  Signing up is easy, just click our subscribe button below and join us monthly or save 35% with our annual subscription for TCE Training.

TCE University "Don't Get Hustled" Training Monthly Subscription
TCE University "Don't Get Hustled" Annual Subscription
      TCE University Core Training
(Stop Getting Hustled) 

  • Know who YOU are and what you BRING.
  • Sell your message, NOT your product.
  • Develop your market, KNOW your niche.
  • Build your “BRAND” and your audience.
  • Develop your network BEFORE you need it.
  • It’s not who you know but who KNOWS YOU!
  • Build your ALLIANCES…carefully.
  • Protect your REPUTATION at all costs.
  • Act as if…become the EXPERT.
  • Know your COMPETITIVE EDGE and deliver more than promised.
  • Believe NOTHING that’s said, believe EVERYTHING THAT’S DONE.
  • Stop SETTLING, position yourself to SELECT
TCE University PushUp Training 
(Enhancement for Your Brand)

  • Building Strategic Alliance (Dream Team)
  • Power Meetings that Produces Results
  • Interviewing, Negotiation & Closing the Deal
  • Developing Your Brand/Process (TCE Style)
  • High-Touch and Hi-Tech Techniques (Part 1)
  • High-Touch and Hi-Tech Techniques (Part 2)
  • Boss and Client Management (Are they ALWAYS Right?)
  • Recession Proofing Your Career or Business
  • Social Media Truths, (Engagement, Likes, Content & Context)
  • Ask the Career Engineer (You Pick the Topic)
  • Web Presence (The Good, Bad, Ugly & Truth)
  •'s the Name of the Game!
TCE University "Don't Get Hustled" Training Monthly Subscription
TCE University "Don't Get Hustled" Annual Subscription

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